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  • Based in Austin, TX




Have You Met gamifies the dating app experience and brings back the one element that many virtual dating solutions are lacking, an opportunity cost; which puts a fresh spin on mobile dating, and solves many of the biggest problems with online dating in general. By using an in­app currency system, we reduce mass messaging, harassment, disingenuous matches and get users feedback on their dating profile’s strengths.

Every day users will earn points simply for logging into the app, views on their profiles & receiving messages. These points are used to unlock information about other users, their age, interests and more photos. Users’ will receive the points spent on unlocking their photos & information, so the more interesting information a user shares and the more interactions they receive, the more points they earn. The one element that many virtual dating solutions are lacking is an opportunity cost, which leads to many female users being inundated with interactions and subsequently leaving the service. Our point system brings opportunity cost back into the equation, encouraging users to spend their time and energy on making worthwhile connections.


This explainer video will help to demonstratesome of the apps features: 


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iOS and Android.



“I created this app after years of talking with friends and debating the myriad of issues with modern online dating and realizing that these issues are problems we solve in game development all the time. Most online dating apps and sites have very little incentive to improve the experience, because if things go well for users then users leave, by keeping dating as a social activity I can allow users to stay involved whether they’re single or not.


My coupled friends often lament having to miss out on the ‘interesting’ stories that come along with online dating and wish they had gotten the chance to enjoy the experience. While my single friends would love to not have to deal with it. So Have You Met allows singles to enlist their friends as allies in the dating world just like they would in real life by looking to them for suggestions and a bit of matchmaking.


So many apps use gimmicks to improve user engagement, like timed matches, limited numbers of matches, arbitrary barriers to interactions and paywalls; instead of using the real world solution of opportunity cost. Humans can’t do it all so we use our time and energy wisely, online dating should harness that ability to deliver an enjoyable experience and not take advantage of it just to keep us stuck using their services.”

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